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Riding with Eco Chariots

Thinking of becoming a rickshaw rider with Eco Chariots?
We are offering an exciting opportunity to work in heart of London, earn good money & get fit with the flexibility to work the hours and days of choice. Pedicab riders keep all the fares and tips and manage their own income. Chariots are very popular for private or corporate hire, so you are never short of work. We can offer help and advice about self-employment.

Eco Chariots aims to provide its pedicab riders (team) with:
- The power to make a difference
- Support and training necessary to operate a chariot (pedicab)
- Guidance and training in cycle mechanics
- The best pedicabs (chariots) and parts available
- A high level of pedicab maintenance
- The opportunity to work as part of an international, diverse team
- And of course an exciting way to earn money

We are currently not recruiting, thank you for your interest.

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