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Environmental Policy

We provide sustainable services (rickshaw hire), which help to reshape the way we travel in London. Our commitment to the environment and our ethical values are expressed through our services. Promotion of this is achieved through advertising, media and event networks, PR and production agencies, wedding planners, tour operators, environmental directories etc.
We do not own a van or car and only hire one when it its strictly necessary. We are a member of the Ethical Junction, Green Acheaver scheame and are listed in Book of Green (2009).

The key points of our strategy to achieve this are to:

  1. Promote cycling industry, sustainable travel, and CO2 free travel in general.
  2. Always source appropriate products. Re-use broken parts for spares and dispose of old parts in the appropriate manner (e.g. donations for art projects, scrap yard or the appropriate equivalent).
  3. Produce, source and promote products and services, which have minimal environmental impact.
  4. Run energy efficient offices and facilities - print on paper as little as possible and use recycled office material where possible.
  5. Advise and encourage clients to plan more sustainable advertising campaigns, use environmentally friendly and re-usable adverting material.
  6. Where possible, use suppliers with similar Environmental Policies and if they don’t have one encourage them to create something appropriate.
  7. Minimise the production of waste through selecting appropriate products.
  8. Actively promote recycling on site, amongst the team and provide recycling bins for waste.
  9. Advise the team on the benefits and need to recycle waste and encourage them to continue the practice at home.
  10. Reduce and avoid the production of CO2 emissions generated by our activities.
  11. Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relate to the Company.
  12. Keep a regular check on legislation and implement it as appropriate.

Information leaflets:
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For further information and details contact us here or by calling us on 0207 207 3435

book of green green acheaver Ethical Junction Member 2009

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