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Safety, Speed and comfort
Our Chariots have full working lights and indicators, as well as back up lights run by dynamo. They benefit from some very advanced design and safety features like hydraulic brakes, internal hub gears and a seat belt for each passenger. They are design to provide comfort for passengers and the rider. They are fast manoeuvrable and light.

The R-eco chariot X 8.pedicab - rickshaw
A recumbent pedicab that is maintained to a very highstandard and has interchangeable panels that are changed regularly so the cabs always look fresh and bright. The frames are black and the cabs are white as standard, which is good for weddings. The ride is elegant and we like to think of this modal as the limos or the Rolls Royce of the Pedicabs. The interchangeable panel system makes them very good for branding/advertising campaigns and events.

Emissions /co2 ratting. Co2 = 0.00 per mile

Then there is the R-eco Quod X 2. pedicab - The Quad
Smooth, low and sleek in design. The four wheel design makes them very stable and accessible. Making then a good choice for events linked with the disabled or elderly.

Emissions /co2 ratting. Co2 = 0.00 per mile.

Traditional or Eco pedicab X 50+.

eco riskshaw/pedicab
Sometimes referred to as upright pedicab. This is the better known stile of pedicab. We work closely with local suppliers so its possible to offer 50+ Pedicabs of this stile. Thay are robust and practical. Thay are the best chose in hilly areas. Thay are also good for branding/advertising campaigns and events.

Emissions /co2 ratting. Co2 = 0.00 per mile

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