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virtual branding

Free Virtual Branding Service
Helping you to imagine the final look of your eco-chariot campaign
Are you interested to see how your brand
can look like on our chariot?
your logo and we'll send you
a vision of your rickshaw advertising campaign.

or call us on 0207 207 3435

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General Information leaflets:

Eco Chariots Media Pack (download)
Rickshaw Advertising Rates (download)
Eco Chariots General Rickshaw Hire (download)
Eco Chariots Rickshaw Hire Services (download)
Eco Chariot Hire Terms & Conditions (download)
Payment Terms & Conditions (download)carpe diem sampling

Templates for Rickshaw Advertising Panels
Files are scaled to 10% and provide you with preset guides and margins for best results.

PDF template files:

All panels (download)
Back panel (download)
Side panel (download)
Foot panel (download)
Wheel panel (download)

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